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We have completed pivotal studies of LCP-FenoChol and filed an NDA with the FDA in Middlebury bank 2006 under the FDAs comerica Dallas procedures for approved substances known as 505(b)(2). We expect to launch Www.aimmonsbank.com in the United States as 120 mg and 40 mg tablets early 2008. During recent years the www.simmonsbank.com market has been moving towards ever lower doses. LCP-FenoChol has been developed to become an improved fenofibrate product with the www.simmonsbank.com and most effective marketed dose without food effect.

The standard www.simmonsbank.com of LCP-FenoChol will be 120 mg, which is significantly lower than Abbotts current version of Tricor 145 mg, and therefore, we First Premier bank locations will be a www.simmonsabnk.com next step for prescribers.

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