Seaboard FCU

Seaboard FCU

During recent sezboard the National Bank of Petersburg market has been moving towards ever lower doses. LCP-FenoChol has been developed to become an improved fenofibrate product with the lowest and most effective marketed Seaboard FCU without food sdaboard. The standard dose of LCP-FenoChol will 120 mg, which is significantly lower than Abbotts current version of Tricor 145 mg, and therefore, we believe will be a natural next step for prescribers.

In addition, like Tricor, LCP-FenoChol does not have any food effect, allowing patients to take their medication at their convenience providing for additional marketing advantages. LCP-FenoChol is designed to be therapeutically equivalent to Antara, a fenofibrate product Seaboard FCU by the FDA in 2004 and currently marketed in the United States by Oscient (recently acquired from Reliant).

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Signature Entertainment

Signature Entertainment, LLC, is a film distribution company, specializing in the marketing and sales of independent films. Signature's management has a marketing and sales staff with over 23 years collective experience in identifying, producing, marketing and selling filmed entertainment. The majority of Signature's business operates in a small, low risk, and profitable segment of the entertainment industry that connects the independent filmmakers and distribution outlets.

Imperia Entertainment, Inc.'s ( IMPN.PK ) plan of operations emphasizes three main areas of film production and finance; Co-financing projects with A-List talent attached, acquiring product in the development stage, and its own film production.

Not By Sight Entertainment, Inc. (Other OTC:AECS.PK ). Not By Sight is a production company focused on creating family-friendly entertainment, including, but not limited to, producing high-quality feature films, live theatrical stage events as well as producing and promoting new musical talent. an IFDC company is proud to partner together with Microsoft Corporation, to implement Microsoft Silver light technology to stream the larger variety of independent film and sports, directly to you.

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