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Who is This Program Available To? Anyone who has a computer, keyboard, mouse, and internet connection.

Anyone who has ambition, can follow directions, and doesn't quit.

Anyone who can type simple text ads with NO time limits or deadlines.

Anyone who wants to earn an extra income working from home.

Anyone looking to quit punching a time clock, and dealing with a boss.

You do NOT need a website!

You do NOT need your own products or services!

You do NOT do any personal selling!

You do NOT talk to customers on the phone!

You do NOT email customers! What Your Job Will Consist Of: Just Follow These 5 Simple Steps To Make

Money Posting Ads From Home! - Choose the companies you want to work with from the online catalog. Thousands to choose from! Instantly start working. There's no approval process. You'll never be turned down by any of them. - Login to your online account. From there you access the simple ad forms to fill out. - Copy and paste the ads we provide into the forms. We give you all the text you need to enter into the forms. You just need to copy it in. - Submit the forms. The more forms you fill out, the more you can make. - (Our favourite) Sit back and relax and watch your bank account getting filled with money. You'll be paid like clockwork every two weeks! Below Is An Example Of A Typical Form

You'll make money submitting ads in forms like the one below! The money you make goes hand and hand with how much ads you post daily. The illustration below will give you an idea of the proces s. How This Program Works? When you join Advance Online Media, you'll get instant access to the Step-by-Step instructions in the exclusive members area. This access is good for life, so you'll have an incredibly simple way to make a never-ending stream of money!

Once inside you'll be given access to a massive database of companies that are looking for people like you to fill out ad forms online for them. There are literally thousands of companies to choose from. You can browse through the list and pick the companies you want to work with. Keep in mind that there is no approval process and it's completely free to work with these companies! Every one of these companies will accept you. Remember They NEED people like you to post their ads online! It helps them to spread the word about their products and services. When you fill out these forms youll be helping them get new customers and theyll pay you a huge percentage for it too. We will show you which ads to post that will make you a whopping 75% of the money generated.

Next you'll create your accounts to post ads online. We provide all the info you need to submit these ad forms. You'll just copy and paste the ads we have in the members area into the forms on these websites. It really doesnt get any easier than that.

Most members report back that they can't believe how easy it is to make money copying and pasting ads into forms. Once you submit one form, you can start on another. You can do this anytime you want to make money. The more forms you submit, the more you can make! It's really that easy! That Sounds Great! But How And When I Get Paid? As soon as you join Advance Online Media you'll create your account to track how much you made. All the tracking is done for you automatically.

You can login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep track of your earnings and see how much you'll be paid. Checks are mailed out on the 1st and 15th of every month.

You do not need to operate a website, or make any phone calls. This system can be done from anywhere as long as you have internet access and can spare 50 minutes to an hour a day. Working as little as 50 minutes a day can earn you a good extra income. You will be given a catalog of companies to work for and you will also have the choice to work directly with our company. We will show exactly how the money is made so you can achieve good results. How To Get Started This is a rock-solid way to make money online. There will always be a need for Posting Ads workers, so you'll always have a way to make money from home!

Heres what you get when you become a member of The Online Ad Posting System The Super Easy 5 Step System for Success As our exclusive member you'll be getting immediate access to the 5 step system that will turn you into a human ATM machine. The Insider Resources You'll be getting our insider recommendations and resources on ALL the top paying companies you'll be submitting ad forms to. And they know our members mean quality results for them! The Form Fill Details You won't even need to figure out what to enter into these short, simple forms, because we'll be telling you EXACTLY what you need to enter! Lifetime access So you'll constantly have instant access to the best paying opportunities. Other Exclusive Member Benefits You'll also be getting many other exclusive benefits including the member only bonuses that will add even more cash to your bottom line...for life! Bonuses For Our Members The Home Job Resource Center Get access to a HUGE database of real companies looking to hire individuals willing to work at home. Our database is constantly updated with the latest job offers. These are all legitimate, no-fee jobs from real employers that can be done from your home. Companies will often pay per hour!

This is a great opportunity for those looking for a part time job or those looking to replace their full time job with a real company. You will be able to access 1000+ of jobs such as 100% legitimate data entry jobs, writing, translating, sales, tutoring, assistants, transcription, processing, coding and more! Learn More >> Get Paid For Your Opinion Surveys You'll also be getting an always-updated list of the best Paid Surveys. This alone is like joining one of the largest paid survey sites and you get it for free as a Member of Advance Online Media. Online surveys have become a revolutionary new way for people at home to make money from the internet. Anyone can do it. It's so easy and has great income potential. Participants earn money and rewards just for giving their opinion which will also have an impact on future products. Learn More >> Assembly Job Guide Jobs involve the assembling of different products at your home. These jobs are for people who want to work as independent contractors assembling products. The companies will provide you with easy to follow instructions. They will pay you upon receipt of the complete units and they will reimburse you for shipping costs. Most companies require a small refundable start up fee. Learn More >> Get Paid To Read B onus information on how to get paid to read various items! To learn more or sign up for one of them, just click on the link . Cash To Visit

Learn how to visit web sites, check out ads, and click on various links to earn cash from your home for free. Online Business Opportunity Guide This is a list of 63 low start-up cost Business Opportunities. The guide describe each opportunity, and have complete contact information of the company offering the opportunity. Resume Help Center

A lot of useful information for you to help put a great resume together. Just in case you pick a job listed that asks you for one!

Credit Repair Secrets

You will find that this manual will help clean up your credit report quickly and easily! This very simple to use, easy to comprehend manual, reveals the same exact process used by all of the "Credit Repair Companies" out there. You will have the same information and get the same, if not better, results for FREE with this bonus! O Once you've registered you will get immediate access to our members only site where we'll give you the instructions to follow to get you set up to start posting ads online and have you immediately taking steps towards your first assignment. With your registration there is a small one-time registration fee of ($39.97 CAD). This is what you have been seeking. This is truly a unique and genuine money making opportunity! Why Is There A Registration Fee? The current fee covers administration costs of setting up all our Members, providing program information through our members only website, as well as full comprehensive support from our members support department by email whenever you need it. If you have any questions at all, please email anytime at: Contained in this website is the type of opportunity that can surely change your life for the better, but you must have the motivation to follow through. Many of our participants are achieving financial success so why not take advantage of what this opportunity has to offer? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! Rest assured! Are You Ready to Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

Member Sign-up 24/7, 365 Days a Year Only One -Time $39.97 CAD Registration Fee


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