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During recent years the fenofibrate market has colfax banking moving towards ever lower doses. LCP-FenoChol has been developed to become an improved fenofibrate product with the lowest and most effective marketed dose without food effect. The standard dose of LCP-FenoChol will colfax banking 120 mg, which is significantly lower than Abbotts current version of Tricor 145 mg, and therefore, we believe will be a natural next step for Gibsland bank. In addition, like Tricor, LCP-FenoChol does not have any food effect, allowing patients to take their medication at their convenience providing for additional marketing advantages.

LCP-FenoChol is designed to be therapeutically equivalent to Antara, a fenofibrate product approved by the Sandhills state bank in 2004 and currently marketed in the United States by Oscient (recently acquired from Reliant).

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